PayBridge: Unified Employee Engagement Experience

Michael Tucker, VP, HR Management, PayBridgeMichael Tucker, VP, HR Management
Creating a motivated, energetic, and productive workforce is a stiff challenge facing major organizations. While companies expect their employees to perform, the onus of creating a healthy and engaging workplace is on them. It has been observed that the communication gap between supervisors or managers and employees is immense across all levels of organizations, wherein nobody (neither employees nor managers) is aware of their performance evaluation. It is because of these pressing issues employee performance management has emerged as a key concern for all organizations in the recent years and has allowed a flurry of solution providers to mushroom in the HR tech landscape. In this dynamic ecosystem, the vision of the Strongsville-based company PayBridge is to provide unified and holistic employee engagement and performance management solutions. “Our performance management solution is fully integrated with our HR management system, hence is a one stop shop for all employee performance and engagement queries,” says Michael Tucker, VP of HR Management at PayBridge. The firm’s solutions empower organizations with innovative employee and manager evaluations as well as peer review processes that translate into better employee engagement.

With the explosion of mobile technology coupled with an increase in millennial workforce, most employees, these days, prefer using their mobile devices over computers. This shift in working behavior demands significant investment in next-gen infrastructure, which many organizations are skeptical to embrace, and hence amounts to discontentment among the new employees. It hinders the company’s growth alongside losing talented individuals. PayBridge’s solutions are tailor-made to balance the needs of both management and millennial workforce alongside eradication of old-school methodologies and thereby creating a convivial workplace environment. PayBridge’s workflow-based solutions can be customized as per the specific needs of an organization, department, or an individual.
On one hand, the solutions equip the employees with a clear idea about their performance through evaluations, on the other, it assists the management to formulate performance improvement and succession plans. Cumulatively, the firm’s solutions act as a conduit between employees and supervisors, promoting dialogue between the two, hence augmenting efficiency, transparency, and productivity.

Our performance management solution is fully integrated with our HR management system and hence is a one stop shop for all your employee performance and engagement queries

PayBridge’s solutions are designed by seasoned specialists in the HR ecosystem who have a greater understanding of organizational and end-user requirements. The team of specialists enables PayBridge to furnish a relatable and extremely effective product-line. There HR experts keeps track of changes in compliance regulations, both on state and federal level, assisting organizations to adhere to regulatory mandates with ease. With such a deft workforce, even the complexities, usually associated with the onboarding process, are lessened and organizations can go up and running in no time.

Admittedly, PayBridge’s portfolio of solutions is laced with turnkey features and functionalities and it has lured the attention of many organizations. As a result, many of their implementations have translated into success stories. Tucker recalls one such case; he says “One of our clients was looking for a performance management solutions to devise performance improvement plans. When we explained our extremely customizable solutions to them, they were ecstatic as no other firm provides performance management solutions down to the individual level. We also equipped them with succession planning solutions that went a long way in delighting our client.”

Aligning to its principle and vision, PayBridge empowers and nurtures the millennial workforce, providing them with ample growth opportunities and flexibility in the workplace. Continuing the streak of innovation going forward, PayBridge aims for global expansion in the forthcoming years in order to serve a greater audience. In addition, the firm is currently invested in integrating GPS and mobile technology with their existing HR management systems.