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Joe Kistner, Founder & CEO, TalexesJoe Kistner, Founder & CEO
Recently, an insurance claims company found itself in an organizational crisis due to increased claims adjuster absenteeism in the workplace. While some of the staff felt demotivated because of the shrinking workforce, the rest lacked necessary attributes to justify their roles. In frustration, engagement among employees dropped drastically, which was disastrous for the organization. Witnessing the visible downfall, senior leadership ached for a solution that could correct the issue once and for all. In such a desperate time, Talexes—a global talent solutions provider—came to the rescue. Using Talexes’ suite of next-generation employee assessments that measured their cognitive ability, personality, and motivational interests, the organization understood their workforce more intimately and was in a position to help them enhance their productivity. As such, training sessions were arranged, and workers were placed in positions based upon personal job fit and capabilities. Gradually, attendance improved as staffs were motivated and enjoyed coming to work, and the firm’s revenue increased by millions of dollars.

Since its inception, Talexes has helped many such companies enhance their workforce using actionable information derived from an array of performance management assessments designed to understand employees from a core-behavior perspective. “We firmly believe that if any company focuses on the growth and success of its people, organizational growth will naturally follow,” says Joe Kistner, a seasoned professional with over 25 years’ experience in the field of performance management solutions, and the founder of Talexes.

In today’s corporate world, frontline managers tend to focus all their efforts on managing the output without understanding how to manage their staff and increase their productivity.

We firmly believe that if an organization focuses on the growth and success of its people, organizational growth will naturally follow

Though effective performance management training provides supervisors with the tools to mentor employees, it does not teach them how to identify the areas in which an individual needs to be mentored. Enter Talexes—a firm that offers a set of standardized cloud-based assessments that help clients gain profound insights about their employees. With the help of their consultant partners, the company also trains clients on how to leverage that information to yield better results. The questionnaires can be taken from anywhere on any mobile or desktop device and take 20 to 35 minutes to complete, depending on the type. Talexes offers 4 varieties of assessments—TalassureMX, TalassureM, TalassureQ, and Talassure360, all with varying content and duration. Clients can choose the assessment they want to administer depending on the job profile requirements.

Though there are many firms who prefer using technology alone to manage their performance management process, Talexes also promotes a high-touch approach, wherein they help clients realize the definition of success and what they can do to achieve it. Over the years, the firm has created a benchmark of success for hundreds of different positions based on objective performance criteria. Once the assessment is administered, Talexes’ software compares employees with the success pattern and generates interview, management and coaching recommendations to the managers on how to onboard, train or improve an individual’s performance.

Founded in 2015 and headed by a leadership team encompassing over 100 years of experience, Talexes has been rapidly growing and has entered global markets such as South America, Australia, and the Middle East. The firm plans on extending its assessments directly to employees, where individuals can work on self-development. Talexes continues to maintain focus on incoming generations, both by validating database information and remaining at the forefront technologically. “We are constantly improving our offerings to make sure Talexes is ready for the Gen Z workforce,” says Kistner.
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Waco, TX

Joe Kistner, Founder & CEO

The workforce of today has outgrown the management practices of yesterday and requires a new innovative approach for the workforce of the future. Talexes has taken the experiences of the past and transformed them into processes for the future. The talent of today requires a different approach by management, and Talexes is the solution. The company was founded in the year 2015 and is based in Waco, Texas. The company helps to deliver critical benefits to your workforce. The company provides solutions through Talexes Alliance Partners, a dedicated network of professional talent management experts