Tweeting is not just for the Birds

Paul Lesser, Head of Talent Acquisition, Fidelity Investments

Paul Lesser, Head of Talent Acquisition, Fidelity Investments

As a 23-year veteran at Fidelity I have been fortunate to hold a number of roles across the organization. However, my latest role feels a bit like a homecoming. My very first position at the firm was in staffing—and, now after all this time, I am leading Talent Acquisition. In many ways this business area feels familiar, but as I have been learning there are many things that have changed since I was last in the function—back then tweeting was something birds did and the phrase social media hadn’t even been coined yet. However, today, it is an essential tool helping our recruiting efforts by raising awareness of Fidelity as a top employer.

The Job Search is Different

In the pre-social media days, when a job seeker was looking into companies there was no quick and easy way to find out how that company's associates felt about their employer. Today, it is a different story. Candidates have a lot of information at their fingertips and can search multiple companies in minutes. Consider this: 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search and use 18 different resources to research a company before they apply for a job. How do we get the attention of today’s candidates? We make sure that we are in the channels that job seekers are showing up at; and, that we are telling our story in a consistent, authentic way.

Social channels are the perfect platform for storytelling. We encourage our associates to tell their own story—helping candidates envision them in the environment and see that Fidelity is a welcoming and inclusive place where they can build their career. Social media figured heavily in our Leap marketing strategy, which is a program designed to equip recent IT grads to become best in class technologists where upon completion employees are placed into a full-time roll within Fidelity’s technology organization. We used Snapchat to raise awareness by featuring Allison, a Leap associate, inviting viewers to a landing page. This one Snap ad brought over 100k targeted candidates to our Leap web page. This approach actively sought to raise awareness of the program among female talent. The overall campaign results were record-setting with 33% female applicants.

Despite Some Regulatory Restrictions, Yes, we are Social at Fidelity

As you may know, the financial services industry is highly regulated and due to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Fidelity is accountable for the messages and information sent to our customers and the general public. Because of this, some might say the use of social media in our industry has been a bit slower than a company in an unregulated space. However, we realized early on how important this technology is in connecting with individuals who may have lot to offer our company.

"Social channels are the perfect platform for storytelling. We encourage our associates to tell their own story—helping candidates envision them in the environment and see that Fidelity is a welcoming and inclusive place where they can build their career."

Social channels have an advantage over some traditional marketing tools: many users are in the channels daily, content can be posted in real time, and, there is ability to interact in a quick, more informal way. Our @fidelityjobs social channels take this all into account. We know where job seekers are showing up—and, we are telling our Fidelity story in various ways, through our associates’ eyes. Stories are told by the individual—giving an inside view into the roles we have, the work we do and where we do it like this story from Will, one of our Data Scientists.

Every associate’s story is unique, but it is all tied together by the Blaze Your Own Trail employer brand campaign that amplifies what makes Fidelity great—our motivated people, development opportunities and great benefits that combine to help our associates create a career that is not about any one role but the collection of their experiences.

Last year we shared over 4,000 posts through @fidelityjobs channels: Glassdoor, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn Elevate. They delivered significant reach beyond our own followers, amplifying our opportunities and awareness of the Fidelity employer brand. In addition to the reach and engagement of our company social presence, stories shared from our associates via the Elevate platform influenced over 900 individuals to join Fidelity.

The impact of social media on raising awareness of Fidelity as an employer has been a key ingredient in helping to bring exposure to our brand. While we have not abandoned traditional recruiting efforts, our mix has certainly changed to include those who want to interact with us on this medium. And we agree–we should always be willing to meet candidates where they want to meet us. If we don’t, we will simply miss out on our opportunity to evolve in this rapidly changing recruiting landscape.

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